Two Hands Free Umbrella Kits

Two Hands Free (2HF) Umbrella Kits

Have you ever been out in the rain with an umbrella and wished you could make use of both your hands?

Well now you can!

The 2HF Kit enables you to keep dry whilst having both hands free to use, making many routine tasks much easier to perform - it does more than keep you dry!

A must have for keeping dry in everyday activities!

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10.06 | 18:21

Hi Kimberley, glad you loved him so much , a good life is all they need , thank you for letting us know ,his sister is still fit and healthy here with us xx

10.06 | 13:08

After 12 magnificent years as our most loyal companion, our beautiful Kudu passed away peacefully. What a loving and generous spirit he was.

15.02 | 18:32

can you please email me privately on

15.02 | 02:41

Hello! We'd like to Being able to have a puppy from your next litter, we have Belgian shepherds today, thank you