NEWS 2018

After ending 2017 on the wonderful news that Breezes puppy Xanova Secret Tulip was Top Puppy Groenendael in the UK in 2017 we start 2018 with this great news 

We mated Breeze by AI , Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar  and 5 puppies were born on 9th March ,4 males and 1 female

Proud Dad is a gorgeous male living in Finland ,CH.Apollo de Bruine Buck (E'Rayas du Pampre Sacre x Olwyn de Brune Buck)

all puppies are now in their new homes ,we look forward to seeing them in the future


at Birmingham National our lovely young lady Corsini Anastasia was 1st in Post Grad class ,her first outing this year

at Crufts 2018 our handsome young male Tyrion de L'Ambassadeur at Invanse won limit dog and the RES.CC at the young age of 2 years old under judge Paul Lawless

also Xanova Black Pearl at Daelois was also 1st in post graduate female class

Bath Championship Show sees Marco ( CH.Xanova Gunther at Invanse ) win Open dog ,CC and BOB ,well done !

at 3 Counties Championship show we had a ball !!!!

first was Xanova Paint it Black owned by Pam Jameson who won Limit Dog and the RES.CC, well done Linden !

Then it was Xanova Secret Tulips turn to win Post Grad class and to be awarded the CC !!!!  this was wonderful after her being Top Puppy groenendael in the UK 2017

At Paignton Championship show Pasha also won the CC making 2 CCs before 2 years old

well done Pam and Pasha !

Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall

A wonderful day for our breeding at the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show under breed specialist judge Trevor Wheeler (Grondemon)

1st in Open Male ,CC & BOB was CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse (his 10th CC)

1st in Post Graduate Class and RES.CC was Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall

2nd in Limit Bitch was Xanova Secret Tulip


At the beginning of August was our BSDA of GB Championship Show with well renowned judges Mdme Bente Harlem & Mdme Berton Sarlat

On the 1st day in tervueren

Xanova Touch of Grey 3rd in Post Graduate

Corsini Anastasia  1st in Post graduate


then in the blacks- Xanova Secret Tulip was 2nd in Post Graduate

Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swallehall  was 1st in PG and awarded the RES.CC


The second day saw Xanova Touch of Grey 2nd in PG in tervs

Xanova Secret Tulip 2nd in PG female

Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swallehall 1st in PG male and RES.CC

finally CH Xanova Gunthar at Invanse was 1st in Open (his 11th) and a great Best in Show under Pete Cumberland


Mirribandi Roulette

A great time was had in France at the National D'Elevage as always ! we had a fabulous result with Bailey , Mirribandi Roulette who was 1st in Open Class from 33 females entered in that class alone  and was then awarded the CAC  !!!

Then on Sunday she was passed for the sr (Sujet Recommende) by the panel of 3 judges

I believe this is the 1st time an Australian bred dog has won a CAC in France ?

Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall

The City of Birmingham Championship Show with specialist judge Kris Malinowski Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall wins his first CC with Best of Breed

well done Gus and owners John and Simon

Xanova Secret Tulip

South Wales Championship Show has specialist judge Jean Louis Vandenbemden

winner of Open and his 12th CC was Xanova Gunthar at Invanse

winning his 4th RES.CC was Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall

then Xanova Secret Tulip wins her class and her 3rd CC with Best of Breed thus becoming our 12th Champion at Xanova

Huge Congratulations to Pam and Pasha and all the other winners !

The fabulous male Victory de Condivicnum

In October we held our BSDA of GB Open Show with great results with Caroline Friend Rees judging

Best Dog and Best of Breed and finally Best in Show under Janet Andrews was CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse

Also Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar was Best Female and Best Opposite Sex in Show on one of her rare appearances !

Both of these dogs are sired by the fabulous male Victory de Condivicnum who was such a great producer of type


Well our last show of 2018 went very well ,judge was Mary Groves this day at LKA

First in males our young man Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swallehall won Limit male

CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse won Open male and the CC (his 13th) and was Best Opposite Sex, this win leaves him 1 point behind CH.Revloch Figo for Top Dog 2018 !

in females Xanova Lady Stark was 2nd in puppy ,Xanova Black Pearl at Daelois was 2nd in Post Graduate and Mirribandi Roulette was 1st in Limit female in the biggest class of the day !

at the end of 2018 Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar is runner up Top Brood bitch ,just beaten at LKA by Revloch Bewitched ,well done to all and wish everyone a great 2019 !!!! 

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10.06 | 18:21

Hi Kimberley, glad you loved him so much , a good life is all they need , thank you for letting us know ,his sister is still fit and healthy here with us xx

10.06 | 13:08

After 12 magnificent years as our most loyal companion, our beautiful Kudu passed away peacefully. What a loving and generous spirit he was.

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can you please email me privately on

15.02 | 02:41

Hello! We'd like to Being able to have a puppy from your next litter, we have Belgian shepherds today, thank you