Welcome to the website of Xanova Belgian Shepherds,we are Babs Robinson and Tommy Goode
sr.pe.CH.XANOVA GUNTHAR at INVANSE who lives with Shane and Lynda Church
INT.CH.Xanova Wolf Walker owne by Jocelyn Streater winning BEST in SHOW in 2014 at the French Speciality
XANOVA VENERANDA who lives with Joke and Serge at Terres Bergeres kennel
CH.XANOVA MIST MAIDEN who lives with us at Xanova

           My first experience of this lovely breed was in the 60s when I was a veterinary nurse and met the first two groenendaels imported into the UK ,I was smitten but on my wages could not afford one !


It was a few years later in 1989 I was lucky enough to get my first tervueren from the Corsini kennels.I had 4 females in all from them,one of whom (CH.Corsini Bitter Sweet) was to hold the the CC record in England for a few years !


In 1996 I met Tommy and we moved in together where the girls weaved their magic on him and he now adores the breed as much as I do !


I did not start breeding litters until 2001 ,under our affix Xanova .Ths name was made up from the names of my first two tervueren,which were called Xany and Nova ,hence Xanova !


We love to travel and show the girls and enjoy meeting friends who share our love of these beautiful dogs and a glass or two of wine !  The social side of dog showing is as important to us as the actual show , having said that to win is wonderful , it makes me feel I am breeding the correct type .

I enjoy helping out with functions and shows for a few years now as I am on the committee of the BSDA of GB ,I feel you ought to give something back to the breed for the honour of keeping and breeding these wonderful dogs.

I also dabble a little in working with them ,I do rally when I can and a little scentwork ,they so enjoy having to use their brain

Tommy and I live in a little village called Thorpe not too far from Heathrow where we have an occasional litter which are raised in the house with our other girls (7 at the moment!) Our dogs are firstly our pets whom we share our sofa with (must get a bigger sofa ?)


We have sent our puppies to many countries to friends and have had a lot of success with them there,our first priority is a good home and living a quality life!

We have a great record of wins with our breeding ,our proudest moments are the 2 times we have achieved BEST in SHOW at the prestigious French National D'Elevage in 2008 with Multi.CH.Xanova Femme Noire then again in 2014 with her son Int.CH.Xanova Wolf Walker , we have won the CAC there 6 times now with CH.Ebontide Nocturne,Xanova Venerada,CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse and CH.Xanova Mist Maiden.We are very proud of our record of wins there , this show attracts an entry of around 600 dogs from all over the world 

With Xanova Femme Noire we have had the privilege of breeding the first British Bred Groenendael to become a French Champion which is not easy , it involves not only showing but a basic obedience test and a gunshot and passing the sr (recommended for breeding)

We have also won a wonderful Best in Show 3 times now in Holland at the NVBH ,once with our lovely tervueren UK/NL.CH.Hexen House Guinevere , then with Multi.CH.X.Femme Noire and finally in 2015 with INT.CH.Xanova Wolf Walker

At the BSDA of GB Championship show we have won BEST in SHOW a record 3 times with HH.Guinevere and once with Multi.CH.X.Femme Noire

in 2011 CH.Ebontide Nocturne was also WW11 (World Winner belgian show)in Belgium  as well as achieving the CAC at the National D'Elevage of France !

wonderful as these wins are we still come home with the best dogs who share our life as well as our house ,bed and sofa !!!

I have imported sperm from 3 gorgeous males from Norway,Sweden and Australia who I feel can improve the type we have here and will continue to breed what I think are great types and character for as long as I can

I now enjoy travelling to different countries where I have had the honour to be asked to judge this beautiful breed ,it is a privilege to see these lovely dogs all over the world

We will always strive to breed belgians who have a sensible and happy character and conform as closely to the standard as possible and who love to just be with their family and enjoy whatever they are asked to do ?

whether that is agility,showing ,flyball or just couch potatoes (after a long walk of course)

We live quite close to Heathrow Airport and  5 minutes from the M25 motorway

our email is babsrobinson.xanova@gmail.com 

telephone number is 0044 (0)1932 560066

mobile _ 07899 931292



















CH.Ebontide Nocturne -the lovely lady who started it all !

Terry 26.10.2016 19:52

Well it is nearly time to bring our boy home Thanks you two for letting me have pick of boys, It was a very hard the Litter is superb. thanks for the help folks

ZAC 01.04.2015 09:46

I love your pictures they are beautiful .

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10.06 | 18:21

Hi Kimberley, glad you loved him so much , a good life is all they need , thank you for letting us know ,his sister is still fit and healthy here with us xx

10.06 | 13:08

After 12 magnificent years as our most loyal companion, our beautiful Kudu passed away peacefully. What a loving and generous spirit he was.

15.02 | 18:32

can you please email me privately on babsrobinson.xanova@gmail.com

15.02 | 02:41

Hello! We'd like to Being able to have a puppy from your next litter, we have Belgian shepherds today, thank you