Burma ( Xanova Cloud Walker ) owned and loved by Ken and Sue

Ozzie ( Xanova Dans Le Noir avec Ambrajai ) owned and loved by Julie and Kay


Token ( Xanova Jeton Noir at Chatmar) owned and loved by Cath & Mac



Voodoo ( Xanova Magique Noir at Revloch ) owned and loved by Paul and Jean

Voodoo winning BOB at Crufts 2007

Xanova Lord of Midnight (Vinnie) owned by Sarah and Charley

Xanova Midnight Lady (Roxie ) owned by Moira

Xanova Moon Walker (Jasper) loved by Terry and Jodie .Willow had to poke her nose in ???

Xanova Mist Walker owned by Jane in Denmark -photo by kind permission of D,Isabel kennel

Xanova Mist Walker (V.G De Brunalines x Xanova Femme Noire)

Xanova Midnights Lady (Roxie)

The Three Muskateers ???? Token,Chilli & Roxie

Chilli 8 weeks old

Xanova Cloud Walker (Burma)

Xanova Lord of Midnight (Vinnie)

Xanova Wolf Walker (Archie)

Xanova Storm Walker cooling off !

Xanova Storm Walker (2 years)

Hi girls ! Chilli,Skye and Willow

Archie (X.Wolf Walker)

Wicka(Xanova Midnight Magic)


Trillion (Xanova Black Jack)

Xanova Lord of Midnight with Charlee

Xanova Midnight Express with Janet doing what he loves best !

Xanova Aregund(Darcie) living with Lisel in Holland

Xanova Veneranda living in Belgium at the Terre Bergeres kennel

Xanova Aregund

Xanova Storm Walker

Xanova Black Orloff (Harry)

Xanova Polar Star

Xanova Midnight Magic (Wicca)

Xanova Aregund (Darcie)

Xanova Veneranda (Adele)

Xanova Gunthar (Marco)

Xanova Black Jack at Mirribandi kennels in Australia

Here are some photos of our breeding

Cindy Didsman 17.10.2015 07:00

How do I find out details of your past litters please? TIA Cheers Cindy

Babs 18.10.2015 14:04

have not got around to doing it yet ? what would you like to know ?

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10.06 | 18:21

Hi Kimberley, glad you loved him so much , a good life is all they need , thank you for letting us know ,his sister is still fit and healthy here with us xx

10.06 | 13:08

After 12 magnificent years as our most loyal companion, our beautiful Kudu passed away peacefully. What a loving and generous spirit he was.

15.02 | 18:32

can you please email me privately on babsrobinson.xanova@gmail.com

15.02 | 02:41

Hello! We'd like to Being able to have a puppy from your next litter, we have Belgian shepherds today, thank you