Champions of our breeding
CH.Xanova Lady Eowyn(Dancer)
I have been showing Belgians now for 28 years but only started breeding in 1999 so am very proud to have 14 Champions so far both here and abroad in tervueren and groenendael

               sr & pe CH.Xanova Lady Eowyn
(Master Blaster de Condivicnum x NL/UK.CH.HH Guinevere)

Dancer is our first home bred Champion , she has always been highly placed both here and abroad

She has 3 CCs under breed specialists, she had an incredible calm character

sr & pe CH. Xanova Lady Eowyn
  CHAMPION NO 2 is :   

       R/U BISS AU.CH Xanova Zadora HIC HT (Tarsha)
    (Zefirelli Van De Hoge Laer x NL/UK.CH HH.Guinevere)

Tarsha was exported to Australia where she became a Champion for Kathryn Winton of the Mirribandi kennel.Apart from her showing title which includes a fabulous RES BIS win at their speciality show under Benoit Thevenon, she is also working towards her sheep herding title.
R/U BISS.Au.CH.Xanova Zadora HIC HT( Tarsha)
LUX.IR/UK.CH.Xanova Magique Noire
  CHAMPION NO 3 is   

  LUX.IR/UK.CH  Xanova Magique Noir (Voodoo)
     (Jason De La Douce Plaine x Ebontide Nocturne)
Voodoo went to live with Paul and Jean Lawless at the Irish kennel of Revloch Belgians.She has had a great career so far with her English title followed by her Irish and Luxembourg titles.Her greatest win has been BOB at Crufts in 2007 .WE are very proud of her achievements

Voodoo with Paul
sr&pe.FR/UK/NL.Champion Xanova Femme Noire

 sr & pe Fr/UK/NL.CH  Xanova Femme Noire(Chilli)
     (Jason De La Douce Plaine xCH. Ebontide Nocturne)

Chilli is our 4th Champion.She has 6 CCs in England ,all but two under foreign specialists.She also has sr in France and pe in Holland having passed the character tests in both countries.

Best yet is her title of French Champion ,she is first british bred groenendael to achieve this 

sr & pe Fr/UK.CH Xanova Femme Noire

Our 5th Champion is Ozzie -CH.Xanova Dans Le Noir avec Ambrajai 
            (Jason de la Douce Plaine x CH.Ebontide Nocturne)

He is full brother to Chilli (Femme Noire)

Oz now has 3 CC in England ,all under breed specialists

He lives with Julie Davis and is co owned with Julie and Kay Morris

                  CH.Xanova Mist Walker
(Very Good de Brunalines x CH.Xanova Femme Noire)

Misty was originally in Denmark where she became a Danish Champion but was returned to Holland where she now lives Wim and Helma ,she had a litter by Victory de Condivicnum which we bought a puppy from called Breeze aka
Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar
              sr & pe.CH.Xanova Wolf Walker
( Very Good de Brunalines x CH.Xanova Femme Noire)

Archie is our 7th Homebred Champion with 6 CCs in England under breed specialists -

To add to his success Archie has now achieved Champion status in Luxembourg and Holland and is now an International Champion

sr & pe.CH.Xanova Wolf Walker
                 AU.CH.Xanova Black Jack
   (Xeres de L,Ocre Noir x CH.Xanova Femme Noire)

Trillion is Champion number 8   !!!!

He went to live with Kathryn and Roger at Mirribandi kennels in Australia.His wonderful character charms everyone 
Champion number 9 is Wicca (Xanova Midnight Magic)
she lives in Canada with Deborah Rozee

(CH.Bentho de Bruine Buck x CH.Ebontide Nocturne)
                    CH.Xanova Mist Maiden
          (Verlaine Dell Alta Via x CH.Xanova Femme Noire)

Our 10th Champion is now crowned ! Our lovely Rumer gained her 3rd CC at our BSDA of GB Championship show 2013 under Craig Fynmore

She now has 6 CCs here as well as winning 4 CACs in France and several RES.CACS in Holland and Belgium

Xanova Mist Maiden (Rumer)
                  CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse
(Victory de Condivicnum x CH.Ebontide Nocturne)

Marco is our 11th Champion ,he now has 12CCs in England but also 3CACs abroad ,one of which was at the National D'Elevage of France
CH.Xanova Gunthar at Invanse
                         CH.Xanova Secret Tulip
CH.Jeu de Vie de la Terres Bergere x Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar

Our  12th  Champion is crowned ,Pasha has been awarded 3CCs in 2018 before she was 2 years old.She was also Top Puppy Groenendael in 2017 in the UK

Huge Congratulations Pam and Pasha for this achievement !
CH.Xanova Secret Tulip
CH.Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall

CH.Jeu de Vie de la Terre Sauvage x Black Ruby Rose van de Lamar

At Manchester Championship Show 2020 our 13th Champion was crowned when Gus was awarded his 3rd CC , he is a handsome male with the most gorgeous temperment , thank you to Simon and John for his great home with you both 
Champion number 14 is crowned at Manchester Championship Show 2022

CH.Xanova Black Sapphire at Laureldean (CH.Revloch Indiana Jones x Black Ruby Rose VD Lamar )

Charity is owned by Loraine Symonds , she is a beautiful girl with a sweet temperment

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Hi Kimberley, glad you loved him so much , a good life is all they need , thank you for letting us know ,his sister is still fit and healthy here with us xx

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After 12 magnificent years as our most loyal companion, our beautiful Kudu passed away peacefully. What a loving and generous spirit he was.

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